'I am bored of my girlfriend...'

Dear Diana,
My girlfriend is kind and loving. We have been together for over a year. But for the past two months, I feel bored in her company. I don't look forward to seeing her. Even when we meet, there is nothing to talk about. If we don't end up fighting, we often end up hanging out with our group of friends. Going out by ourselves has become a rarity. I often harbour feelings that I should go my way. Is it okay to dump my girlfriend because I am bored with her? At the same time, I feel bad as she still loves me. Why do I have such feelings for her? Does she also have such feelings of boredom for me? I have casually dropped hints about it to my girl, but she thought I was joking. She feels I am happy with her and is hoping to take our relationship to the next level. How do I tell her I am no longer interested in her?
— Dhruv


Dear Dhruv,
You have perhaps reached a plateau in your relationship. You are bored of your girlfriend because routine has set in. Try spicing up our love live by springing surprises and doing impromptu stuff. You need to revive your relationship and put it back on track. Instead of saying things have become boring, what have you done to make the relationship lively? Relationships require time and effort and you are not willing to put in the work. May be you don't communicate with each other enough. Also, are you bored of the girlfriend, or is this way of wanting a way out? Or are you tired of being in a serious relationship and don't want to be fully committed? You need to sit down and clear your muddled mind. First, try and decipher why you are feeling bored in the relationship. You cannot blame her alone for the state of things. Before taking any drastic step, think twice and work towards building the relationship anew, instead of ending it and going your way.

Diana will solve it!
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