I am the great Indian male

I am the great Indian male. I am callous. I am chauvinistic. I am guilt free. I redefine cruelty. First I brutalise, then I humiliate, then I mutilate.

I am the perpetrator. I am the police. I am the politician. I am the patriarchal society. I am a pehlwan in my body, but a pygmy in my mind.

 A man stands in front of posters during a protest rally in New Delhi. Pic/AFP

I have no concern, no conscience, no fear of consequence, I have one set course of action and that is to inflict maximum pain on the opposite sex.

I am terrrorised, I am tormented, I am threatened by the new Indian woman.

Because she strides, she soars, she speaks up, she is superior.

She is no more submissive, straitjacketed or sati-fied.

And I cannot accept that.

She has to be brought down to earth.

She has to be dominated. She has to be destroyed.

You see, I am not merely a coward, who bombs marathons from afar.

I rape women in buses, then demand home-cooked food in jail.

Because I am entitled.

And then I pick on five-year-olds.

Because I know I can. After all I am the great Indian male.

I have the police in my pocket. I have the courts in my corner.

I will rape. I will rape again. And why not. I am above the law.

No one has stopped me. No one has punished me. No one has hung me.

No one has lobotomised or bobbited me.

Justice is inept, justice is inert, justice is impotent, justice is male.

Commissions are set up, and disbanded.

Protestors are slapped in police stations.

Ministers make a mockery with their unsound bytes.

Fast-track courts slow down. Governmental inquiries are comedic freak shows.

Red tapism runs amuck while women bleed.

Ethics are extinct, the moral fibre lies mangled

So, go ahead protest, prosecute, petition, preach, publicly outcry, punch tables in naked fury. Put me away, and feel complete triumph in its temporariness -- because soon I will multiply, I will be mass-produced, I will be cloned. There are many millions of me waiting to evolve.

I am immune, I am inhuman, I am a have-not who now wants to have my way.

I will wait in the shadows till your anger subsides and I will strike again.

I am not a rapist. I am merely restoring the status quo.

Because this is India. And I am the great Indian male.

I stand at the crossroads of a new India. A new India that negates women.

I am the great Indian male.

I stand tall in my smallness.

Rahul da Cunha is an adman, theatre director/playwright, photographer and traveller. Reach him at rahuldacunha62@gmail.com

The views expressed in this column are the individual’s and don’t represent those of the paper. 

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