Dear Diana,
I am in love with a married man for over a year now. I am single. He is 41 and I am 28. I got to know him at a time when he was having a lot of legal problems. He had come to our office, where I work, to seek legal recourse. Initially, it was work related, but then we decided to meet outside office as well. I ended up being his confidant when it came to not only his legal issues, but personal stuff as well. There was also this guilt feeling as he was having an extra-marital affair with me. I care for him, but I know that he will never leave his wife and kids for me. He says he is at peace when he is with me. He is well aware that I love him even though there is no future for us. He says he is happy with the current arrangement. Now my parents are forcing me to get married, I do not know how to tell them about
this guy.
— Rajshree

Dear Rajshree,
You clearly know that he will not leave his wife for you, so there is no future together. This relationship will spell disaster. Right now, you are discreet about it, but sooner or later it will be known. He will go back to his wife, but you will be left heartbroken. For the guy, it is the excitement of an affair. You took care of his legal issues. Now, he is also seeking sexual gratification from you. He is using you and, one fine day, will dump you. It is you who will have to walk away from him. You have to get going with your life as soon as possible and let him work on his marriage. It will be tough for you as you seem to be deeply in love for you, but time heals all wounds and this is the best for you.