I am a shy girl who takes a lot of time to make male friends. I don’t know how to change the situation. My family is busy looking for a partner for me. However, I have told them that I would like to get married to the guy whom I like. But so far, I have been unsuccessful in this quest. I just don’t understand how to approach them. I’m good-looking and talented, but when it’s about boys, I go blank.
— Prajakta

Illustration/ Amit Bandre
Illustration/ Amit Bandre

Dear Prajakta,
First, shed your inhibitions and be yourself. Let go of that fear especially when you are in a group. It is easier to strike a conversation with a guy if you are in a group. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Just be yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and talk to more guys so that you get used to it and less conscious. Confidence is key when approaching a guy you like, so putting in the extra effort will certainly pay off. You’ll be less shy around guys as soon as you flash a smile. It’ll make you appear friendly, so the boy you have your eye on will find it easy to open up. Also, engage in discussions and soon you will realise that you are having a long conversation with a guy.

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