'I broke up with her as she was moving away...'

Dear Diana,
I broke up with my girlfriend because she is relocating due to a new job offer. This is not the first time that we are parting ways. Two years ago too, we broke up as I did not like her hanging out with this friend of hers who I felt had a bad influence on her. I tend to take a very logistical view on things. As she will be away for at least two years, I feel there is no point being together. She might be attracted to someone else. But I am still in love with her. In the long run, I would want to be together, but as a couple with high career ambitions between us, the certainty of being located near each other is difficult to predict. We both want to settle down and start a family before we're 30 (we're now 25). Am I being too cynical with the situation or is this something that we have to let go to ensure our happiness?
— Fawad

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Fawad,
You need to stop thinking so much. Learn to live for the moment, instead of worrying now what will happen some five years down the line. Right now she has a job offer and she seizing the moment for better prospects. So be happy for her instead of moaning about it. She may want to change jobs now as she is younger and settle down as she grows older. Also, I am appalled by your behaviour of breaking off whenever you fancy. What is even more surprising is the fact that she is taking your nonsense. You suddenly decide to break off and then you take her back. You cannot behave in such a manner in a relationship. It appears that your girlfriend is used to your behaviour and does not react. She has got into this zone of breaking up and making up. She knows you will take her back — sooner or later.

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