In what could only be termed as a bizarre local tradition, the mayor of a small fishing town in Mexico apparently wed a crocodile in a symbolic ceremony. The reptile was dressed in a white wedding gown.

The wedding party went on a procession through the entire town of San Pedro Huamelula, with the crocodile bride in tow before the nuptials took place.

Mexican town mayor marries crocodile
Representational picture

Post the marriage ceremony, which took place in the city hall, the groom, town mayor Joel Vasquez Rojas danced with the reptile in his arms.

Local residents were present for the occasion.

The crocodile's jaw was wired shut during the entire duration of the event in order to prevent any accidents.

According to the town local tradition, the animal is considered a 'princess' and the wedding ritual will bring plenty of seafood for fishermen to catch along the Pacific coast.

The wedding festivities were apparently funded by members of the local council, which included dancing and fireworks, and those who didn't contribute were fined.