Dear Diana,
I'm 33 and single. My family is based in Jaipur, so I'm on my own in Mumbai. I feel I should get married, but I'm full of shortcomings. I have terrible mood swings and anger issues. Otherwise, I'm quite an affable person. I don't know what to do with my life at times. My job is unstable, but well paying depending on the season. I don't know where my life is taking me.
— Dhiren

Dear Dhiren,
Life is what you make it out to be. Nobody is perfect and we all have our shortcomings. You say that you are quite an affable person, so that should make it easy for you to meet and get along with new people. You need to strike a friendship to find your Ms Right. As you are living alone, you seem to be harbouring all kinds of thoughts. Learn to be happy in whatever situation you find yourself in. Take control of your life and lead it the way you want to and what makes you happy. Seek counselling if you feel you need to talk to someone to get things out of your system.

Dear Diana,
My parents want me to get married. I've been making excuses to stay single for a really long time now, but it's not working anymore. They provided an ultimatum four months ago that I should either find a guy for myself or they'll have me married to a boy of their choice. I'm not meant for a traditional wedding. I'm a lesbian and a closet one at that. I don't know how to tell my folks about it.

Dear Khyati,
To get rid of the nagging and ultimatums, you must reveal the truth to your parents. If you choose not to take that path, say hello to a lifetime of lies and excuses. As you have hidden it from them, they will be shocked, so give them time to come to terms with it.