Dear Diana,
My boyfriend is outgoing by nature. I have been with him for about five months. As he is a fun-loving guy, he knows how to be the life of a party. Initially, I used to find his jokes funny, but of late, I feel his sense of humour is getting crude. He loves to crack dirty sex jokes. All his guy pals love him for his double meaning jokes. They laugh at them and encourage his filthy sense of humour. Often, he goes totally out of control. How do I rid him of this habit? It gets embarrassing at times. When I told him that I do not like his jokes, he told me to stop being a prude. He tells me it is a man thing. How do I explain to him that sometimes it is okay, but not always?
— Rishma


Dear Rishma,
Your guy needs to realise that he is going overboard with his dirty sense of humour. He can crack jokes when he is with his close buddies, they may not take offence, but when there are other people around he needs to go slow. They might be taken aback or even offended by his sick jokes. As his friends encourage him, he seems to be on a high which is making him go overboard. As you are reacting and getting irritated, he is doing it even more. For a while, just ignore the jokes. When he is in his elements, just walk away from the scene. He will then hopefully get the hint and not go berserk with the double meaning jokes. He may say it is a man thing and that his friends are getting a kick out of it, but he needs to know that you are not telling him to clamp up, but be within limits. Explain to him that over time, even his pals might find him irritating because of his behaviour. He also needs to know that you are not being a prude, but striking a note of caution.