And somehow you believe Akshay Kumar when he says that. The actor has not fallen into any of the trappings of stardom and doesn't believe in being part of any clique. In a quick chat with MiD DAY on his recent trip in the city to promote his forthcoming film Desi Boyz, Akshay tells us how he has never let his head swell

You are possibly the only actor who looks what he used to look like two decades ago. How have you managed to retain your youth?
Besides leading a very disciplined life, being a fitness freak and eating right, it's happiness that has kept me young, I play a lot with my son's friends, don't take stress and consider myself younger than I really am. Laughter really is the best medicine. I'm also a positive person and don't talk ill of anyone. A spoon of Chawanprash before bedtime does help.

Is there a lot of pressure on Desi Boyz to do well given that the last few of your films flopped?
There's no pressure. I don't take any stress. I do my job and leave the rest to God and destiny. I take my work very seriously, but my health is also important.

Why did you decline the offer from Madame Tussauds earlier this year? Are you selective about the accolades bestowed on you?
My dates were clashing, I gad given them to a producer and couldn't back out.

So will you go to Tussauds and give them the consent to make your wax statute once you have the time?
I will have to see. But I've never said I won't accept this recognition. I accept all awards and recognition with humility.  

Are you playing a double role in the Prabhu Deva directorial Rowdy Rathore?
I don't want to say anything about the film now and spoil the fun. It's too early to say whether it's a double role or a triple role. Watch the film and you'll know.

Despite reaching the pinnacle of stardom, you have remained very grounded. How do you manage that?
Thank you very much. My roots have kept me grounded. I am proud of my roots. 

In the run up to the release of Desi Boyz, you give a desi tip to your Twitter fans every day. Share an exclusive tip for our readers.
I'm having an animal friendly day.  So my tip is, 'You know you are desi when you'd rather smash your car into a tree than hit the local desi cow.