'I got carried away...'

Dear Diana,
I had gone with my office colleagues to Khandala over the weekend. It was the 50th birthday of our boss, so he had booked a resort for the office staff. He runs a trading company and the staff strength is 14. Out of which five guys, including me, and six girls went for the celebration. After an evening of merrymaking we all headed to our rooms. As I was unable to sleep, I sat in the garden for a while. One of my female colleagues, too, stepped out as she was unable to sleep. We got talking and on the spur of the moment I kissed her. She did not stop me. As it was dark in the garden and no one was around, we got intimate and then went to our respective rooms. Back in Mumbai, I was engulfed in guilt. I am married and have a young daughter. This female colleague is single. She pretends as if nothing happened, so I also did not broach the subject again. Should I tell my wife what happened in Khandala? I do not know how she will react.
— Palash

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Palash,
You got carried away in the heat of the moment and are now regretting it. You can say it was one weak moment. Now you are regretting and thinking about your wife. But before telling your wife about your one-night stand, think how well your wife can handle the situation? If not, it is better to keep quiet, but at the same time you must not fall prey to temptation and let yourself go. Whatever happened in Khandala, is better left there. Your female colleague is also tightlipped, so it is better you keep mum. And hopefully she will remain quiet. It is better to be safe, than sorry. So next time do not fall prey to temptation.

Diana will solve it!
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