'I have fallen for a girl at the bus stop...'

Dear Diana,
I have fallen for this girl I see every day at the bus stop. We are always there at the same time and we board the same bus. She gets off two stops before me. I am assuming she works in that area. It has been about five months and this has been our daily routine. Often, we have sat next to each other in the bus too. How do I strike a conversation with her? I'm mad about her although I do not even know if she has noticed me. Sometimes, a guy boards the bus with her and they get off at the same stop. I am desperate to talk to her. It's sad not being able to make the first move. How do I get to talk to her. Every time I plan, but then I really do not know what to say when I see her. What if that guy, who accompanies her sometimes, is her boyfriend? Once, I waited for her away from the bus stop and saw her walking down from a lane nearby. I am assuming that she stays in the vicinity.
— Anirudh

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Anirudh,
It appears that your timings match with this girl. No wonder you keep bumping into her at the bus stop every morning. At the same time, stop checking on from where she is arriving at the bus stop, she might think you are stalking her. You seem to be tongue-tied when it comes to striking a conversation with her. You think she does not know you exist, but just as you have noticed her, she must have also noticed that you are at the bus stop at the same time. You do not know her, but you are assuming things about her. One way of striking a conversation with her is asking if the bus number you are to board is running late. Or a general conversation about which bus to board for another destination. If she is helpful, she will respond, but if she does not, take the hint and steer clear.

Diana will solve it!
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