'I have fallen for my sister's husband...'

Dear Diana,
I have developed feelings for my sister’s husband. I just do not know how and when it happened. But I am besotted with him. My sister got married eight months ago. I have been helping her at home as she is in the first trimester of her pregnancy. I have been staying at their place because she has been battling with severe morning sickness. As she would always be in bed for a greater part of the day, her husband and me would keep talking till the wee hours of the morning. He started making advances and last week we got physical. I find him irresistible. What do I do? I am in love with him. At the same time I am so embarrassed. But after our encounter that night, I feel he has been avoiding me. I think he is also embarrassed.
— Sancheeta

Dear Diana
Pic/Amit Bandre

Dear Sancheeta,
You are playing with fire so get prepared to be scorched. You have given in to his physical demands as your sister is not in a position due to her physical condition. Chances are that for your brother-in-law, it was a one-off thing. He wanted to satisfy his physical urges. You are mistaking it for love. Hopefully, this will remain a secret because if other family members get to know about your romp with him, there will be turmoil in the family. All hell will break loose and considering the health condition of your sister, she will have to face the ordeal. It will not only shock her, but shake her. Banish any such thoughts and from the looks of it your sister’s hubby is also embarrassed by what happened that night. Hopefully, your sister is on road to recovery. It is better that she hires a reliable maid after checking her credentials thoroughly. While both of you will just have to be normal and let that remain a nightmare.

Diana will solve it!
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