'I have lost interest in my wife...'

Dear Diana,
I got married three years ago. It was an arranged marriage. Over the last six months, however, I have lost interest in my wife. I try and stay away from her as much as possible. I don't know why I feel this way. It is not that I am attracted to another woman, it is just that we are drifting apart. My wife has no clue about what is going on in my mind. She has a job, but when is at home she keeps busy with the household chores. When I told my close friend about my issues, he suggested that we have a child, but I'm not so sure. We barely talk when we are at home. I am glued to the TV till bedtime. She is always busy doing something or the other. I feel we are just not able to connect with each other like we did during the first year of our marriage. How do I make things better? Should I just walk out of the marriage? This situation is leading to frustration and depression.
— Saarthak


Dear Saarthak,
From the looks of it, you two are caught up in daily existence, leaving no time for each other. Your relationship has hit rock bottom due to your own undoing. If there is no communication between both of you at all, it is but obvious that you will drift away. Why don't you give your wife a helping hand on the domestic front? If you share the household burden, she will have time to spend with you and talk to you. In the current scenario, she has no time for anything else, but office and household work. You also need to rekindle the romance and keep the relationship alive. Surprise her with gifts or simply flowers. Try and find time to talk about how you spent the day or ask about hers. Also, focus on saving your marriage first and then about having a child.

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  • Unni15-Jun-2015

    She also works. This man needs to learn the fun of doing things together with his wife and not treat her has his paid. I sure this guy must be sitting and watching TV and when he wants a Glass of water shouting out for it and his dutiful giving it to him. Stop using your wife as a doormat and a maid and make her your partner in all your activities including household activity.

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