Dear Diana,
I am 26 and work in a travel agency. I am in a relationship with a man I'm not supposed to be with. He is 32 and married with a child. I met him at a travel fair and stayed in touch. He is nice to me like no one ever has been. It's like we are a couple. We are having a physical relationship and when I try to stop him, he tells me no one will ever find out. And no one has for the last six months. But even after all this time, I still feel terrible. And ever since, I have been discussing that he and I need to stop doing this, but he refuses to end it. What do I do? I wonder what his wife will do if she finds out.
- Monica

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Monica,
My dear girl, you need to stop this ASAP. You say you feel extremely guilty and have asked him several times to stop, but why can't you be more stronger and say a no to him. It will be hell not only for you and your family but for his folks too, if this comes out. Remember you are playing with fire and will be scorched badly. It is clear that the man is looking for fun outside marriage and you are willingly giving in. The day he gets bored, he will dump you. You will be shattered and heartbroken.There are many such men out there. You are 26 and have your life ahead of you. Why do you want to ruin it? Remember he will never leave his wife and kid. Ask him for a commitment and he will never own up to a relationship with you. Then next time he calls, tell him clearly that this is the end.