Dear Diana,
My friends and I took off to Goa recently. We were there for almost a week. We would spent the entire day on the beach. Staying at the same resort as us, were these three guys from Delhi who we got talking to. One of them was the more social kind and would keep chatting with us. It was holiday time, so everyone was in a fun mood. On the day we were leaving, the guy told me, he was interested in me. He gave me his cell phone number and said he would wait for me to call. Later, when I told my pals about what he had said, they scolded me for not giving it back to him. They felt he was a creep. It has been three weeks since we are back home, but I have this urge to call him. Should I? At the same time, I wonder why he is not calling me? He had told me that he will wait for my call. Am I in love with him? What should I do?
– Sayantani

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Sayantani,
The guy has not called you because he is waiting for you to do so. It looks like he does not want to sound desperate, so he is refraining from making the phone call. He has left it to you. If he had started calling you, it would be like he is desperate and is chasing you. He is giving you ample time to think about it and then take a decision. If you keep remembering him, then you might as well SMS him once. If he responds and depending upon what he says, you can take it forward from there. If he does not respond, then it is better to forget and move on. Right now, you are caught in a dilemma, whether you should or should not. You might as well decide and accordingly act. It appears that you are pining for him, so send him a SMS saying how you were looking at the snapshots and remembering Goa and thought of sending a SMS to him.