Imran takes co-star Kareena out for plays, magic shows

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Apparently Kareena Kapoor isn't well- versed with the world of theatre and stage. That's what Imran Khan learnt while shooting Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu with Bebo in Las Vegas.

So after packing up the day's shoot, he often took her to plays, magic shows as well as magician David Copperfield's shows.

Bebo was quite hooked on Cirque du Soleil, which is a mix of circus arts and street entertainment that Vegas is famous for. And even now he keeps the Kapoor kudi updated about the plays that are happening in Mumbai.
Considering that her grand uncle Shashi Kapoor and his children Sanjna and Kunal are part of Prithvi Theatre, perhaps Imran can take Bebo to catch one of the productions there.

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