Businessman Cyrus Mistry became a trending topic following reports of his appointment as successor to Ratan Tata. A certain Mayur described the move thus: 'Mistry for the Tatas seems similar to when Daniel Craig was announced for the role of James Bond.'

According to Avinash Bhat: 'The media can't get enough of the new Tata Chairman. Waiting for Mistry's watchman and driver to be interviewed next for their views!' And from Ramesh Srivats: 'Why was he chosen over Noel Tata? Well, that's the subject for a Mistry Noel.'

Getting cheeky
Also clogging trending topics, but for all the wrong reasons, was Sharad Pawar. The minister was slapped by a young man in Delhi, an act that evoked mixed responses. Aniket Gaikwad, for instance, tweeted: 'Frankly, I support non-violence, but Pawar deserves what he got. He represents Maharashtra, which has the highest rate of farmer suicides.' Induslady asked: 'After Sukhram, Pawar slapped? What is going on? Is it rising frustration or a way of getting cheap publicity?' And, on a lighter note, a comment from Divya Rajagopal: 'I am happy the Pawar slapping video will now get more hits than Kolaveri.'

Song and dance
Speaking of Kolaveri -- a song most Indians appear to have heard over the past week - it continued to inspire all manner of comments on Twitter. Faking News, for instance, came up with this: 'Kolaveri Dhokla launched in Gujarat as UN announces World Kolaveri Day.' In Gaurav Kapur's words: 'This song will be the end of all productivity, but at least we'll go down swinging!' And from Prateek Shah: 'Even the paneer dosa hasn't done as much as Kolaveri in bridging the gap between North and South India.'

The last word
A question from Vijay Mallya: 'Is there anything even remotely known as the right to privacy and peaceful living in this country, as far as our media is concerned?'

-- Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online (