1 in 3 women prefer spending time with girlfriends than partners

A third of married women admitted they would rather prefer spending time with their girlfriends than their husbands because they can get glammed up, enjoy a good meal and gossip with them, according to a new survey.
Six out of ten said they prefer to go shopping with their girlfriends rather than their partner because they offer better, trustworthier advice.

Researchers who interviewed 3,000 women found that when meeting female friends the women made more of an effort with their outfit and spent longer doing their hair and make-up.
And a day out with friends was also likely to cost more money than with their husbands, with women admitting that their friends encourage them to treat themselves more.
The survey was carried out at the Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex.
"These results will strike a chord with millions of married women all over the UK," the Daily Mail quoted Lakeside spokesman Sophie Scott as saying.
"After a busy week at work, we all crave escapism and some 'me time', and it is clear women prefer to spend theirs with girlfriends than partners.
"Spending time with girlfriends and hitting the shops, or stopping for a coffee and a chat, can lift a woman's mood," Scott added.

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