MC Mary Kom
MC Mary Kom

Indian woman boxer MC Mary Kom says coach Stephane Cottalorda's resignation has left her shocked.

Cottalorda, India's first foreign coach for women boxers, resigned within a month of taking over, complaining of delay in salary payment and lack of professionalism in the national federation.

The Frenchman, who took over in August, e- mailed his resignation to the Boxing Federation of India (BFI), saying that he could no longer wait for the fulfillment of promises made to him.

Reacting to the development, Mary Kom told PTI, "It is very disappointing and I am quite shocked. Speaking as an athlete, I can only say that he had been an excellent addition to the camp. It was our responsibility to take care of his requirements. I hope he comes back, in fact, I will personally try to convince him on coming back," said the boxer.

Cottalorda alleged that he repeatedly communicated his concerns to the federation, which did not act on them. The federation, on its part, asserted that most of Cottalorda's demands have been met and they would try and persuade him to return.