Indian coaches are treated like puppets, says Brasa

New Delhi: Coaches in Indian hockey are treated as 'marionettes' and lack of freedom and interference are the main reasons behind the controversial exits of foreign experts, feels former India coach Jose Brasa.

Jose Brasa
Jose Brasa 

"In the beginning, they (Hockey India & Sports Authority of India) promise you the moon. They promise that only you will do the selection of players, but once you sign the contract and if they are not happy with the players you have picked, they start to interfere," Brasa (left) told PTI Bhasha reacting to the sacking of Dutch coach Paul Vaan Ass.

"A coach who accepts to be a marionette (puppet) will stay long. Good foreign coaches with personality will never accept to be a marionette," said the Spaniard. Van Ass became the fourth foreign coach to exit since 2009.



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