Indulge in a sinful affair

Dec 01, 2011, 09:33 IST | Ashishwang Godha
Finally, Pune has some real hot chocolate. Leave behind your worries and have an unrestrained affair with chocolates at the newly opened outlet of A Chocolate Affair

After scouting the length and breadth of the city for some good hot chocolate that would satiate our palette, we were on the verge on giving up, when we discovered Mumbai's dark chocolate God. A Chocolate Affair has finally descended to Pune and this one, for sure, is an affair to remember. 

Tandoori Pizza

We had been to Mumbai's original store when they had started and had come away only three-fourth pleased. Our grouse, largely, was the fact that their menu had a whole lot of non-chocolate items. Now, they seem to have taken care of that and also raised the bar for their quality. The new Pune outlet impressed us to such an extent that we wanted to go back immediately after getting out. 

Hot Chocolate

We began our affair with Hot Chocolate (Rs 99), given our preference for dark chocolate. It came in the little hug-me cup that warmed not only our palms but the very depth of our hearts. 

Chocolate Fondant. Pic/ Ishan Ghosh

The Hot Chocolate was so good that we wholeheartedly forgave the Tandoori Pizza (Rs 140) that tasted almost like chaat on a pizza base. 

Spanish Sexy Churos

By the time our Sexy Spanish Churros (Rs 150) arrived, we were floating. We would have preferred the churros to be sugar-dusted with a gentler hand. But, we loved the dark chocolate served with it so much, we even asked for a spoon to lick it clean.

Then the piece de resistance -- the Chocolate Fondant (Rs 200), served with vanilla ice-cream, came juggling along, its belly waiting to be poked. We did the honours and kept at it one spoonful at a time till there was no more. Done up simply but smartly, A Chocolate Affair is sure to charm the younger lot. It surely seems here for the long haul.

At Lane no 8, next to Great Punjab, Koregaon Park. 
Call 41302195

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