In a case that should ring warning bells in every household, the 35-year-old wife of a Surat-based builder died after inhaling rat poison.

Rat poison
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The liquid had fallen on her clothes and hands and she hadn’t washed them. After unknowingly inhaling the poison throughout the day, she died in a hospital the same evening. The Bandra railway police have registered an accidental death case.

According to officials from the Bandra GRP, Rani Kamlesh Trivedi (35) had come to Mumbai a week back and was staying with her brother in Worli.

On May 19, Trivedi decided to visit her sister’s place in Goregaon. At her house, she noticed liquid poison bought from a roadside vendor. She told her sister that she needed the rat poison to get rid of pests at her brother’s place and left the house around 1.30 pm, carrying the poison in a small bottle.

Police officials said the bottle’s cap wasn’t shut properly and some of it fell on Trivedi’s clothes and hands. She either did not realise this, or did not bother to wash off the poison, and boarded a local train. By the time she got down at Bandra to meet a relative, she had begun to feel very uneasy.

Trivedi then took a local train to Churchgate for some work at a bank, unaware that she was continuously inhaling poison.

By the time she was done at the bank, she was feeling nauseous and was losing consciousness. She took a cab from Churchgate to her sister’s place in Goregaon.

She fell unconscious in the cab and the driver took her to Dr Ambedkar hospital in Kandivli. Her relatives were informed, but she was declared dead at 6.30 pm.

A police officer from Bandra GRP said, “In the post-mortem, we found rat poison on Trivedi’s clothes and hands, which had not been washed off.

She was continuously inhaling the poisonous gas. The viscera has been sent to the forensic department to ascertain the exact cause of death. We have registered an accidental death report.”