International Yoga Day: How yoga can work wonders for your sex life

There are some yoga postures that, if done under proper guidance, can ramp up your sex life, reveal yoga and health experts. On International Yoga Day, a look at some benefits of how practicing yoga can lead to excitement between the sheets...

As a holistic practice, yoga can increase physical stamina and, in turn, prolong the pleasure associated with sex.

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In fact, according to an abstract published recently in a leading medical journal, yoga practices can be invaluable in prolonging sexual stamina and pleasure. Yoga also teaches you to control your physical energy, meaning you can make sexual intercourse more intense and make the "big moments" last longer.

These yoga poses can boost sexual intimacy and stamina
Postures like Paschimottanasana (seated forward bending), Halasana (plow) and Bhujangasana (cobra) help release sex hormone testosterone faster in men and also strengthen the genitalia, say researchers. They can also reduce the stress hormone cortisol which means less stress and better sleep and help release the essential hormone Oxytocin ("love hormone") that relieves anxiety, enhances desire for social interaction and increases sexual intimacy. Pranayama (breathing exercises) is also beneficial to spruce up the bedroom life.

Global research also supports yoga's sex-enhancing benefits
More than 100 men and women aged 20 to 60 were enrolled in a 12-week yoga camp as part of a recent study and were asked to complete questionnaires about their sexual satisfaction. The scores in all areas of sexual function - arousal, satisfaction, performance, confidence, ejaculatory control and orgasm - were significantly improved after yoga practice, the authors found.

How are Yoga and sex related?
Yoga expert Shameem Akhtar says all the poses in the Kamasutra are based on Yoga asanas, which indicates how this ancient practice plays an important role in enhancing sexual pleasure. Furthermore, some experts have also revealed that yoga can help treat sexual disorders like pre-mature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and female sexual dysfunction, since most of them are related to the mind. A man with erectile dysfunction (ED) generally has a problem getting an erection or experiences difficulty maintaining one. Anything that increases anxiety or stress can contribute to ED by interfering with relaxation, that's vital for an erection. Yoga reduces stress. Among women, Yoga can be used to enhance the pelvic floor strength that affects their sexual responses.

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