IOCL launches drive to sensitise people about quality fuel tests

Nov 28, 2011, 07:23 IST | A correspondent
In a move to educate petrol and diesel customers, about their right to check the quality and quantity of petrol and diesel that is dispensed, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL) officials launched the check and fill campaign at their retail outlet in Bellandur.

 Senior officials from IOCL demonstrated and educated customers about quality and quantity checks at retail outlets for petrol and diesel. T Palanikumar, senior manager (RS), IOCL Bangalore demonstrated the filter paper test to customers at the retail outlet and narrated the procedures. "Filter paper test is to know whether petrol sold at outlets is pure or adulterated with other fuels. A customer has to put a drop of petrol, directly from the nozzle, onto the filter paper. If petrol is unadulterated, it will evaporate quickly without leaving a stain. If it is adulterated, it will evaporate slowly  staining the filter paper. This filter paper test is only for petrol. Whatman 2 Quality Filter Papers are available at all the IOCL retail outlets and will be provided to customers on demand," said Palanikumar.

Officials assured that if the customer is not satisfied with the test results, they can complain to the IOCL field officer, whose contact details are displayed at the petrol station or call the toll free numbers 155233 / 1800-2333-555.

Senior officials also demonstrated the density checks for both petrol and diesel. Subhajit Ghosh, chief manager (Retails Sales), IOCL, Karnataka state office, demonstrated the density check and informed customers that retail outlets are mandated to exhibit hydrometer/thermometer to help the customer check the density/ ambient temperature of both fuels. "The observed density reading is to be converted to 15 degree Celsius using ASTM tables that are available at outlets. The measure should be within a tolerance limit of +/- 3.0 kg/M3 similar to the reference density taken from the density register maintained at the retail outlet.  If the customer is not satisfied with the test results they can file a compliant with the IOCL," said Ghosh.

They further informed that all IOCL petrol and diesel stations have a pre-calibrated 5 litre standard measure duly stamped by the Weights & Measure Department.  Customer can test the quantity using this 5-litre measure.

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