ISIS now has 'police forensics division'

Washington: The ISIS has claimed to have opened a ‘police forensics department’ with a pictorial report issued by the terror group showing equipment and its "detectives" solving a "burglary" at a pharmacy in Iraq.

A picture of the lab from the essay released by ISIS.
A picture of the lab from the essay released by ISIS. Pic/Memri

The extremist group announced it had acquired microscopes and magnifying glasses and was in the process of recruiting forensics-minded foreign fighters, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which monitors jihadi communications.

The terror group through a picture essay showed it has opened an "Islamic State Police Forensics Department" in al Furat Province, Iraq.

The photo gallery showed crime scene investigators collecting and analysing fingerprints.

Also shown are various Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) gear such as a microscope and special lighted fingerprint analysis table.

Another shot is of a magnifying glass highlighting a dusted fingerprint at a burgled pharmacy and a technician comparing collected prints to a suspect’s.

Finally, in a bit of more propaganda, there is a picture of an agent handing reimbursement money to the pharmacy owner. Steve Stalinsky, MEMRI’s executive director, said ISIS is trying to show that its so-called Muslim caliphate in Syria-Iraq function like modern municipalities.

Qaeda downs Syrian plane

Al-Qaeda shot down a government warplane over the town of Al-Eis in northern Syria yesterday and captured one crewmember alive, a rebel source and a monitoring group said. The rebel source said it was “likely that (al-Qaeda’s Syria affiliate) al-Nusra Front shot down the plane and took the pilot,” adding that the plane had been hit by heavy machine gun fire.



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