It's war here: recalls Paris attacks witness

Paris: An unnamed witness at the Bataclan rock concert where over 150 people were massacred by terrorists in a string of attacks in Paris on Friday night, recalled it as 'war', BBC reported.

Paris attackPeople hug each other before being evacuated by bus, near the Bataclan concert hall in central Paris, on November 14, 2015. Pic/AFP

"It was a concert where the music was loud. I heard the shots, I turned around and I saw a silhouette with a cap who stood near the back door. He fired in my direction," BBC quoted the witness as saying.

"People began to drop and throw themselves to the ground. I thought that the guy next to me was dead."

The witness said he managed to exit from the venue.

"We hid in a cafe, barricaded on the first floor. When we told people what had happened they believed us immediately. It's war here, there were shots fired just a very short time ago.

"All we can hear are sirens, we are waiting to be evacuated...," the witness was quoted by BBC.

Over 150 people were killed by terrorists in a string of attacks in Paris on Friday night.



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