'I've fallen for a divorcee with a daughter...'

Dear Diana,
I am 34 and involved with a divorced woman who has a seven-year-old daughter. I love them and want to be with them. At the same time, I am being forced by my family to get married to a girl of their choice. My folks don’t know about my relationship.
- Suprabhat

Illustration/ Amit Bandre

Dear Suprabhat,
You can’t blame your family if your affair with the divorcee is a well-kept secret. You are to blame for the situation. They have no clue and feel that as you are still single, they are trying to find a suitable partner for you. The faster you tell them the truth, the better for you. You have kept it a secret from them, so now muster enough courage to tell them your well-kept secret. They have every right to be cross with you as you hid it from them. Handle the situation with tact and tell that what is on your mind as soon as possible so that they stop looking for a girl for you.

Diana will solve it!
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