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Oct 07, 2011, 06:52 IST | Debarati Palit
Check out Delhi-based jewellery designer Alpana Gujral's two day exhibition where she will launch her latest collection -- Ambalika -- which incorporates paisley designs that are symbols of fertility

With the festive shopping going on in full swing, the city is buzzing with excitement. And adding some more zing to your shopping list is Diviya Aggarwal of Divikriaa, who is bringing down Delhi-based jewellery designer Alpana Gujral, to exhibit her latest collection, Ambalika -- The free flowing elegance of the paisley, in the city.

A necklace and earring set by Alpana Gujral

It's for the second time that Gujral who specialises in contemporary and Mughal jewellery will be displaying her collection. "I received an overwhelming response last year. People appreciate well-finished products and they liked my work. That's the reason why I am coming back for the second time," she says. Gujral will only be showcasing her collection, Ambalika, in Pune.

The collection will comprise of precious stones set in molten gold with uncut diamonds with paisley designs. You will find bracelets, cuff links, cocktail rings, earrings and necklaces. Quiz her about the name 'Ambalika', and Gujral says, "It is the footprint of Parvati and a symbol of fertility. It is Ambi -- the ultimate expression of free-flowing form, a shape created by the elegant sweep of an artist's brush stroke. The paisley or Ambi has captured the artistic imagination for centuries."

After working for five months on designing the pieces, Gujral has come up with 150 jewels. "Not a single piece is repeated and each one is a limited edition piece," she added. Jewellery is an integral part of Diwali and while most fashionistas prefer to go by trends, Gujral Gujral begs to differ. "I always suggest my clients wear jewellery that suits their personality and not blindly follow trends," she explains.

Also the growing rate of gold is also a concern among buyers but she points out that those who are into gold will not be affected by this. "Gold was never cheap, so people do worry about a price rise but are soon back to buying it."

While the positive response to her designs in the city has motivated her, Gujral doesn't plan to open her store any time soon. "I would rather do a show than have a store as there are a lot of complications involved in opening one."

After this exhibition, Gujral now plans to take a break and get back to working on her new collection which she hopes will be ready by March 2012. 
On: October 8 and 9, 11 am to 8 pm
At: Vivanta by Taj, Koregaon Park.

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