The 11th accused in J Dey murder case Jigna Vora (37) had reportedly informed her family three days ago that she might be arrested soon.

She was leaving for darshan in Shrinathdwara temple in Udaipur yesterday when a crime branch official arrested her. Vora is a resident of Swati Building, Ram Baan marg, Ghatkopar (East).
Two months ago, she left her rental flat in Worli, sold all her furniture and started staying in Ghatkopar with her mother Harshaben Vora (61) and grandfather Tulsidas Hargovind das Sanghvi (81).

A family friend told MiD DAY that she had told her family three days ago that the media was suspecting the involvement of a journalist and it was her.

Last morning she was going to perform a pooja at Shrinathdwara temple in Udaipur with her father's sister.

"Without giving prior notice, the police arrested Jigna. I hope she is released soon," said Sanghvi, Vora's grandfather.

"We have not discussed with her about all this as she used to come home late at night and sleep late. We are aware she is a crime reporter and coming late is part of her job," said Sanghvi.

Vora's father is settled in Dubai. She was in touch with him regularly. Soon after her arrest, the police posted two policemen outside her building and a woman constable inside her house.