Joe vs Ali in words!

Nov 09, 2011, 10:42 IST | A Correspondent

March 1971, New york, Frazier won on Points
Frazier emerged victorious from a showdown billed 'Fight of the Century', his first and last victory over bitter foe Ali. Ali was floored in the 15th round by a left hook after Frazier had dominated the final third of the fight. Both spent time in hospital in the aftermath.

January 1974, New york, Ali won on points
The second installment of a thrilling trilogy was the least entertaining with Ali looking to hold as often as possible on the way to clinching a unanimous 12-round decision that avenged his earlier defeat.

October 1975, Manila, Ali won by ko (14th round)
Arguably the greatest fight of all time brought one of sport's fiercest rivalries to a brutal conclusion. His right eye closed, Frazier was pulled out by trainer Eddie Futch despite pleading to continue. Unknown to Futch was that Ali was about to retire himself. Frazier later said he was ready to die in the ring.

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