'No one killed Adnan Patrawala. Please step up media pressure. That seems to be the only way we will get justice.' That tweet from Bhairavi Goswami was fairly representative of the mood online after all four accused in the teenager's murder five years ago were acquitted. Gayatri Jayaraman commented: 'If our cops collected evidence as much as they collected hafta, we would get somewhere.' In Tanya Garg's words: 'Not surprised. After all, we have Qasab still in custody, probably enjoying himself.' There was this, from Rekha Kakkar: 'Shirish Kunder gets 15 minutes of fame on page one and Twitter, but what about Adnan? How can we as a society be so numb?' And from Shaheen Abbas: 'The court acquitted the accused due to lack of evidence. Ridiculous is not the word. What is wrong with our system?'

All for a slap
Everyone and his aunt jumped in to discuss the aftermath of the alleged fracas between Shah Rukh Khan and filmmaker Shirish Kunder. Someone using the handle Gorakhargosh tweeted: 'Dude, Shirish, I didn't even know you existed until now. Be grateful.' Pallavi Ghosh added: 'So SRK bashing Shirish makes front page in the papers and then TV is accused of being frivolous? Over to [Justice] Katju now.' In Madhu Menon's words: 'I want SRK to slap himself for his acting.' And a question from Abhijit Bhaduri: 'If SRK slapped Kunder, why was it called Sanjay Dutt's bash?'

Notes from Tihar
A Raja was back on timelines after the Supreme Court accepted Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy's plea saying the Prime Minister's Office delayed sanction to prosecute the former minister. The move prompted Madhu Shala to tweet: 'This is not a government but a pack of bandits devouring every institution to ruination.'

The last word
From his holiness, the Dalai Lama: 'Cultivating inner awareness, introspection and reasoning can be more effective than meditation and prayer.'

-- � Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online (twitter.com/lindsaypereira)