Kavita Kaushik's claustrophobic story

Jun 02, 2016, 08:17 IST | IANS

Kavita Kaushik got claustrophobic in a flight while returning to Mumbai from Jaipur. And that made the actress stand in the air hostess area for the entire duration of the flight till it landed.

Kavita Kaushik
Kavita Kaushik

The actress, who will be seen essaying the role of an Army doctor in upcoming TV show “Dr. Bhanumati on Duty”, had offered her front row seat to an elderly patient and took a seat near the emergency exit.

She started feeling suffocated soon and decided to stand near the air hostess area to divert her mind.

“Very few people know that I've a slight issue of claustrophobia. The plane cabin was too hot and the flight all full, the emergency exit seat the staff provided me was although fine but I got a little uncomfortable so I preferred standing and chatting with the air hostesses and taking pictures with them for the entire flight. It was good fun actually," Kavita said in a statement.

“Dr Bhanumati on Duty” will air on SAB TV from June 7.

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