Kekoo Nicholson
Kekoo Nicholson

The Cricket Club of India (CCI) elections this year, which were held on September 22 and 23, were fairly tepid compared to last year's stormy polls. Eight candidates were contesting the elections for five seats on the committee.

With 1,571 votes, Kekoo Nicholson topped the vote and will continue as president of the club. Apart from him, the other four winners in the polls were Darayus Mehta with 1,190 votes, Premal Udani with 1,172 votes, Rakesh Kapoor, also known as 'Bubby', with 1,166 votes, and Janak Madhavdas with 891 votes. The ones who lost were Nitin Dossa (805 votes), Gulshan Rai (598 votes) and Umesh Katre (526 votes).

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