Kim Sharma dresses up as a sexy French maid for Halloween party

Oct 30, 2017, 14:46 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

This year's Halloween appears to have brought forth a rich haul of imaginative costumes. Leading the pack in tricking and treating was the big fat Halloween bash hosted on Saturday night by Vishal Maya Shetty and Dino Morea, which saw the likes of Kim Sharma turn up dressed as a pretty French maid (albeit with a slit throat), Ujwala Raut in native American headgear, Haseena Jethmalani in gender-bending Elvis get-up, and Adhuna Akhtar and Nicolo Morea as members of the Addams Family.

Kim Sharma (second from right) with Ujwala Raut, Gauri Malhotra and Shamita Shetty at the Halloween party
Kim Sharma (second from right) with Ujwala Raut, Gauri Malhotra and Shamita Shetty at the Halloween party

"I first thought of going as a nun," said Sharma blithely, when we spoke the next evening. "I even called up the priest who had conducted my first Holy Communion, asking if he could help me get a nun's habit, but he refused," she said. "And then lo and behold! I just happened to find a French maid's outfit in my cupboard," she said, adding a bit unnecessarily, "Don't ask me how..." (we didn't) Costumed parties are not new phenomena in Mumbai.

It is part of the city's folklore, how, when a dashing industrialist had arrived as PLO leader Yasser Arafat, for one held at a Juhu shack, many moons ago, an actor who had been a friend of the Arab leader had fallen for it. Or how another industrialist who'd had a bit too much bubbly had gone up to a suave lady who'd arrived to another costumed extravaganza as a 'Rich Bitch', and had cattily remarked: "The 'bitch' I get. But the rich…?" Those were the days when Maganlal Dresswalla had been the go-to place for such events.

"These days, there's always Amazon or even party organisers who help. People also travel abroad and pick up costumes," said Sharma. As for Saturday's hi jinks, she believes that Halloween, like Valentine's Day, is here to stay. "I would not be surprised if Thanksgiving catches on soon too," she said.

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