Kingpin of the Mira Road call centre scam is a 23-year-old named Shaggy

Mira Road call centre raids

Police sources say, that the mastermind of the Mira Road call-centre scam is a 23-year-old youth called Shaggy. According to a report by The Economic Times, Shahgar Thakkar alias Shaggy, who has been pulling the strings is currently on the run along with an accomplice named Tapash ever since the raid.

Thakkar, despite his young age was apparently able to become a multimillionaire and owns several high-end cars according to witnesses and accused. Some sources believe that he may have fled India.

As many as 70 staffers have been arrested and 630 given notice.

One employee, who found out that he was really being used to cheat aged American citizens and extort money from them by pretending to be from the Internal Revenue Service quit within a month of his joining.

  • GandhiSpeaks11-Oct-2016

    I am glad the employees are arrested. They are adults, and definitely knew what they were doing is fraud, and cheating. I understand their commissions were directly linked to the amount they collected. All employees should be punished, to set an example for all working in call centers around the country.

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