Kulraj's a free spirit

From ice skating to doing the Annapurna Base Camp Trail, ie climbing the Kilimanjaro, Kulraj Randhawa as done it all. From an Army background, Kulraj's spunky spirit has led her on many adventure trips. Like Neil, Kulraj shares her passion for adventure with CS:

Hiking in Scotland 
It was the ideal way to explore the highlands and islands in summer. Rugged scenery, clean, crisp fresh air and friendly Scotlanders provided me with an unrivaled hiking experience.

Scuba diving in Miami
This was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I got to see a lot of corals in the sea and also a large number of colorful fish. I also touched an enormous turtle which was almost 60 years old, it was huge!

Exploring Greenland
Greenland is the land of dogsleds, kayaks, glaciers and icebergs. The land is carved by 'Ice Age' glaciers and characterised by its harsh and challenging environment. I took a local boat around Arpatsivik to the Hvalsey Fjord Church, site of the best preserved ruins from the times of Norse settlements in this area. On another boat trip, I glided past floating sculptures shaped by wind and weather, frozen reminders of ages past. It was exceptional.

Skiing in Finland
Finland provides skiing experiences you won't get anywhere else. I took a trip to Finland with my friends. In the middle of Lapland is one of the best ski resorts. Though a blizzard was blowing and the tempreture had dropped to minus 12 degree celsius, we were having the time of our lives skating. Post that, it was time to savour local delicacies.




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