Los Angeles: Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant is delighted with the "remarkable" progress his friend Lamar Odom has made in his recovery.

Kobe Bryant. Pic/AFP
Kobe Bryant. Pic/AFP

Odom, 35, was hospitalised earlier this month following a drug and alcohol-fuelled binge at a brothel.

And though his chances of survival were initially thought to be low, he is now beginning to recover and his friend and former teammate is delighted with how well he is doing, reported Us magazine.

"He's a brother, above everything else. It's important to see him get back on his feet. It's amazing to see him doing so well. It truly is remarkable," Bryant said.

The 37-year-old basketball player - who played with Odom for seven seasons - says his friend's ordeal has "put things in perspective" for him.

"It puts things in perspective a little bit more. This is what we do. This is not who we are. Sometimes basketball can get in the way of life and in the way of living."