Land down under

Australians were a trending topic for much of the day, for all the wrong reasons. The country's cricket team, playing against South Africa, was bowled out for 47 -- reportedly its lowest total since 1902. Fans were angry; most others simply amused. The photographer Atul Kasbekar, for instance, tweeted: 'I'm not a biased man, frankly. I really don't care who whips the Aussies.' A certain Kuldeep Singh added: 'Batting collapse, catches dropped. Aussies are bugged by the Pakistan cricket virus.' And from Dylan Paterson: 'So on the same day [South African politician] Julius Malema was suspended and the Aussies bowled out for 47, I'm surprised Greece wasn't sold on eBay.'

That's entertainment
'Swami Agnivesh on Big Boss? Seriously, is there any country as much fun as India?' That tweet, from writer Chetan Bhagat, came in the wake of the Swami's much-touted presence on the much-discussed reality show. FakingNews reacted with this: 'Google clarifies that even after he went to Bigg Boss, nobody has searched for "Swami Agnivesh Hot".' A certain Atiya Zaidi added: 'RK Narayan will write a sequel to Swamy and Friends after watching Agnivesh with the inmates of the Bigg Boss house!' In Jos � Covaco's words: 'Just saw Swami Agnivesh in the Bigg Boss confession room and for a second I thought I was watching Coke Studio.' The most amusing comment came from Rajesh Kalra: 'Agnivesh should do well as a reality show actor. He acted well as an anti-corruption crusader.'

Justice for all
A court in Kerala awarded the death sentence to a man who raped and murdered a young salesgirl named Soumya. While many applauded this, some were cynical. Venkatakrishnan, for instance, tweeted: 'Good fast-track judgement. Now for objections from human rights activists.'

The last word
From actress Gul Panag: 'The awkward moment when you extend your hand to someone to shake and they decide to hug you.'

-- Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online

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