Beijing: A landslide today hit an industrial park in south China's Shenzhen city, crushing a building, with rescuers scrambling through the debris saying they are fearing 'grave casualties'.

Seven fire engines and 30 firemen are searching for trapped victims at the site in Liuxi Industrial Park in Guangming New District in northwest part of the city that falls in Guangdong Province, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

Rescuers said a building in the industrial park and a number of residential houses were damaged.

They feared 'grave casualties', the report said.

Meanwhile, state broadcaster CCTV said that four persons have been rescued and that most of the people were evacuated ahead of the landslide in the zone that has a residential area next to it.

According to Shenzhen's fire brigade, one building had collapsed but the landslide had affected a large area.