Law and disorder: Cops thrash advocate in police station

The lawyer had gone for an inquiry regarding his client at Mira Road police station, when he claims six police officials beat him up

A 46-year-old advocate was assaulted by six police officials at Mira Road police station, when he went there for an inquiry about his client on Saturday morning. He received three stitches for an injury on his head and also injured his hand.

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The Mira Road police are conducting an inquiry in the matter
The Mira Road police are conducting an inquiry in the matter

The advocate, Shivprasad Kanojia, is a resident of Mira Road (East) and practices at Thane court. The police officials who assaulted him have been identified as Constable Shinde, Khade and Rakshe. There were three others in civil dress and they have still not been identified.

The incident
Kanojia said, “On Saturday morning, I had gone to Mira Road police station with my client, Madina Pathan’s father, Khajuddin Sheikh. Madina had given an application about a dowry matter in the month of January but the police were not responding. We met constable Shinde who was the duty officer.”

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He added, “I gave my visiting card to the constable and asked about my client’s application. Constable Shinde ignored me and also started using vulgar language when I tried to attract his attention. In a loud voice he even said ‘Tu minister aahe ka? Nigh ikdun’ (Are you a minister? Get out of here).

After this I warned Shinde to speak properly but again he said the same and suddenly slapped me.” Kanojia said, “After this another officer who was in civilian clothes began to assault me. Then four other officers including constable Khade smashed my head against a wall.

The cops were behaving as if I was a member of the mafia or some gang. I could not even stand properly in the police station, but no other officer helped me or took me to a hospital for treatment.” “The police officers didn’t attack Sheikh. He informed my wife and she admitted me to Shatabdi hospital at Kandivli.

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I received three stitches on my head. I also lost blood. The police should take strict action against these officers so they will not do this again with any other people,” said Kanojia. Late on Saturday, Superintendent of Police K Kokate met Kanojia, and ordered police to register a case. It was filed late on Saturday.

Police speak
Senior inspector Jagdish Shinde of Mira Road police station said, “We are recording the six officers’ statements and conducting an inquiry in this matter. We suspect that the advocate also did something wrong which caused this. If we find anyone guilty we will punish him.”

  • Raj Thackrey13-Jul-2015

    Senior inspector Jagdish Shinde of Mira Road police station, is speaking like a fool and is trying to defend his colleagues without proper enquiry he is making the bloody statement.

  • amitabh15-Jul-2015

    The Inspector saving their colleagues, really this should not happen in the police station, law and order can not take by them...dadagiri...dikhate he policewale...normal public ko harrasment karte he keval....lekin jante nahi jaise karega vaisa bharna bhi padega...

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