There are many classes that teach you everything about preparing a lip-smacking dish, right from the amount of salt that your chicken needs to the exact shade of brown it should be cooked to. But how often does one come across a workshop that teaches you the perfect way to cut your chicken or de-scale a fish?

"Most people don't even know how to slice their chicken. We had some guests complaining that butchery is an overwhelming task," says Kanu Gupta of Savor Experiences, a gourmet experience company run by 15 chefs, who have hosted 70 dinners across Mumbai, New York and Belgrade. Gupta is set to host a butchery workshop in Prabhadevi.

Savor was launched by four anonymous chefs in 2012 with The Secret Supper Project. The idea was to bring strangers together at dinner tables at undisclosed locations around Mumbai to help them forge new relationships over unconventional eats.

Two months ago, the team expanded itself into an events company that specialises in caterings, sit-down dinners, canapé events and chefs tables.

This Friday, the workshop will consist of tutorials on butchering fish, poultry, and red meat. Gupta will also show you how to make appropriate use of different parts of the meat. The demo session will be followed by a meal and glass of wine with the team. "It's interesting how these experiences are being received well not just by chefs, as one would expect, but also food enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds," says Gupta.