Let art become an inspiration

Art inspired by the Buddhist notion of impermanence and the cyclical nature of human existence. Sounds interesting? Then, head to The Guild for Thoughtforms, an art exhibition by Taiwan-born artist Charwei Tsai.

The thought forms in the exhibition manifest themselves through the Paris and Taipei-based artist's reflections on politics with reference to alienation; ceremonies with reference to reversal cycles; religion in conjunction with harmony in diversity; society and it's effect on individuals with reference to Kafka; love and its synonymous nature with loneliness and manipulation; light with reference to accidental beauty; and growth through the enlightenment of the Heart Sutra a mantra that is a recurring motif in Tsai's work.
A very interesting bit of Tsai's work is the calligraphy, which are part of her black ink on lithographs series. The text that Tsai uses in her work includes mantras, quotes and political statements, which symbolise her strong belief in the transient nature of the universe.

Till November 2, 10 am to 6.30 pm
Where The Guild, Kamal Mansion, second floor, ArthurBunder Road, Colaba



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