Let the flag fly high

Dec 05, 2011, 08:55 IST | Dhara Vora
I first came across Azaad Bazaar or AzBaz as it came to be known later, while on one of my shopping trails in Bandra. From the outside, it appeared as if it had been thrown into a neglected corner, except for its bright rainbow hued window display created with egg trays. 

Intriguied by its exteriors, I wasted no time to step into this curiously inviting space. Shelves stocked with rainbow hued wigs, six coloured flags and the shirts that said Ma da Ladla; the USP of the store slowly sunk in. 

India's first LGBT pride store, AzBaz has come a long way from being just an online store to a store that takes its motto seriously with the place donning multiple roles including being a venue for literary meets. 

As for the products available at the store, anyone who wasn't from the community could buy goodies including uber-cool, multi-coloured suspenders, posters with wacky quotes, chic hats, snazzy lighters and cheeky tees. Sadly, the store had to shut shop because of skyrocketing rents and has moved its base to Goa. Thankfuly, the online store is still functional and will remain the destination for awesome shopping and an awesome cause.

Log on to www.azaadbazaar.com

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