In dust-laden Mumbai, imagine how brightly painted walls bring a dash of sunshine. Plus, the reward just gets sweeter to think that children. Encouraging this initiative, Himanshu S and Aqui Thami — the team behind the NGO Dharavi Art Room — are taking the expressive side of kids on the streets. The special emphasis is on economically challenged children who learn to have fun despite trying circumstances and limited means.

The idea is to also beautify the city and, in turn, instill a sense of pride. As they encourage people and children to paint their neighbourhoods, a sense of ownership will be celebrated whenever they walk past their work, everyday. The team will help children fix a topic for their painting, and then by drawing blueprints on paper and on wall by chalk, older and younger kids will be paired to paint a mural that will bring a smile to every bystander’s face. Having launched a fundraising campaign, the duo aim to to raise Rs 1,98,000 to cover the logistical expenses.