New Delhi: Lipika Bharti, the estranged wife of former Delhi law minister Somnath Bharti, on Wednesday expressed her gratefulness to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for taking notice of the issue.

After three and half months Kejriwal has come out and finally noticed the issue. It is good for me, and, I am grateful to the chief minister for that, Lipika told ANI here.

I am really surprised at the way Kejriwal has asked Bharti to come and face the law, as they were supporting Bharti earlier, she added.
Lipika said she expected Kejriwal to act as chief minister first and then as a friend.

In a tweet this morning Kejriwal said Bharti was becoming an "embarrassment" to the family and his party.

Lipika also asserted that the Delhi Police is doing whatever it can to trace Bharti.

I think Bharti should come now, he is not doing the right thing. He should support the Delhi Police in the investigation as a responsible citizen,' she added.

Bharti has been missing since the Delhi High Court yesterday refused to grant him protection from arrest and rejected his plea for anticipatory bail. The court noted that past cases showed that the lawmaker was "not only violent and outrageous at home, but also before the public at large."

The court also berated Bharti for misusing his temporary reprieve by showing up at a police station at 2 a.m and compelling officers to record his presence.

Bharti is expected to move the Supreme Court. Until he does, the police are free to arrest the former law minister, who has been accused by his wife of domestic violence, torture and attempt to murder.