Live-in relationships not different from marriage: Parineeti Chopra

'I don't think live-in relationships are different from marriage. Today, live-in relationships are more out of practicality,' Parineeti told reporters in a group interview.

Sushant Singh and Parineeti

Giving an hypothetical example, she said: 'I am an actress. If I get too late at work and if I want to meet my boyfriend, when do I meet him? Obviously, in the night. If I come back home and sleep in my place, people will say it's not a live-in relationship. It's all about our perception. 'Whoever is not in a relationship, even there pre-martial sex exists. I myself want to know why is it different?' Although she supports it, Parineeti confesses her parents won't be able accept it. 

'My parents are very orthodox, so I may get scared to do this because they will feel bad. But actually it is fine,' she said. Directed by Maneesh Sharma, 'Shuddh Desi Romance' features also introduces Vaani Kapoor and it will come out Sep 6. 

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