From Prateik and Imran Khan to Akshay Kumar, Anil Kapoor and the evergreen Kabir Bedi -- actors from different age groups have their own formula to look sharp and live well.

B-Town actors

In the June issue of GQ India magazine, the five stylish actors have opened up about getting old yet staying young.

Excerpts from the magazine:

At what point in your life do you think you looked your best?
Prateik (28): I’d say now. My face looks more mature and I feel better. My head is in a good place. I’m thinking about the right things.

Imran Khan (32): Right now. I think guys have to get to their mid-30s before they start to look put-together. A lot of it has to do with the fact that you have more money, and a more developed sense of your own style. It’s also just a physical thing. Guys’ faces take a little while to settle down. The shape of the jaw becomes broader, a little more manly.

Akshay Kumar (47): IÂ’d say now. IÂ’m doing parkour and a lot of free-style workouts. My aim is to maintain my current level of fitness, if not push it ahead.

Anil Kapoor (58): Now! It’s a combination of being fit and my state of mind. One’s state of mind and what one is feeling always reflects on one’s face. Which is why sometimes the best-looking people start looking the worst. And sometimes youÂ’ll see someone who was so ordinary suddenly looking great and say, “What a transformation!”

Kabir Bedi (69): In my early 30s, when I did Sandokan, the European television series that made me a star there. I played a prince-turned-pirate who fights the British communal powers on the seas of South Asia, so there was a lot of swashbuckling adventure and action. I swam a lot, did weight training, went horse riding. Mentally, I feel my best today. The mind grows with time, it evolves. You learn more - and hopefully your judgment gets better.

Growing up, who did you want to look like? Who did you find handsome?
Prateik: Jim Carrey. I wanted to be only, and only Jim Carrey, after The Mask. As a kid, till I was 15 or 16 - even now - IÂ’m always doing something with my face in all my pictures. Sticking my tongue out. I cannot keep a straight face.

Imran Khan: I always looked up to guys like [James] Dean and [Bruce] Springsteen, ruggedly good looking guys who dressed like they didnÂ’t give a damn. Jeans, T-shirt, sleeves rolled up. Something about their vibe was just so effortless.

Akshay Kumar: Sylvester Stallone. I had a huge poster of him in my room when I was working in Bangkok. It’s the poster for Cobra where he’s wearing Ray-Ban glasses and holding a gun. I wanted so badly to have a body like his. Right down to his crooked smile.

Anil Kapoor: (Marlon) Brando, James Dean, Paul Newman. They were extremely handsome. I liked their style, their attitude and they were great actors. So I would try and pick up things from their movies.

Kabir Bedi: The first Bond film, "Dr. No", with Sean Connery came out when I was 16. There was the glamour of the Bond image. And Connery was a rising star. He was the guy I wanted to be. The most handsome man was Shammi Kapoor. He had charm, he sounded beautiful and he looked beautiful.