Looking forward to more from Team India

India’s stupendous World Cup win against Pakistan is, of course, one to relish and cherish. It would be hypocritical not to admit that winning against Pakistan is very, very special.

Like M S Dhoni himself had stated, a match against Pakistan is well, more than a match. Intense pressure, crushing expectations, the burden of history and the sharp-edged rivalry which goes much beyond a cricket field, never mind what the puritans say makes a victory over Pakistan so much sweeter than most.

Talking specifically about the 2015 World Cup, India needed a rousing win to shake off the ghosts and doubts about what has been an indifferent three to four months preceding the World Cup. Though they were always favoured to win against Pakistan, if one looked at the odds, the experts had regularly pointed out many chinks in the armour.

With that one win in the bag, it is time to savour the victory. Let us not become too complacent or comfortable though. This is just the first step to a long and arduous tourney, as the team knows only too well. Taking one game at a time, looking sharp, keeping up the tempo is key to moving closer to the ultimate win the Cup.

The defending champions had planned their journey and final conquest well in 2011. Dhoni was Captain Canny on his way to the Cup four years ago, plotting and planning as he sailed the ship through stormy waters and ultimate victory.

We need strategy and cool heads right till the end. Winning against Pakistan is not the be all and end all of the World Cup. There are so many games to go and much tougher tests in store for India.

Fans, enjoy the moment in your own way but celebrate witha caution, and temper your joy with the knowledge that there is so much more for the team to do yet.

The Pakistan win is a tantalizing teaser to what this team is capable of. Let it not be an appeaser.

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