Mad about Mads' smile

Feb 06, 2013, 00:10 IST | Avantika Patil

Ever since she made her debut with ‘Abodh’, the actress has won a million hearts with that sweet little curve on her face. The lady with the a thousand watt smile talks to CS about its importance:

Madhuri Dixit
Who: Madhuri Dixit
What: On her thousand watt smile
PIC/ santosh nagwekar

Decoding smiles
For me, a smile is the most important thing. It can melt mountains, solve problems, make someone fall in love, make someone’s day, save someone’s life and much more. I totally believe in the power of the smile. My smile has helped me a lot, in times of stress, trouble, hectic schedules. It is important for everyone to smile and flex those muscles regularly.

No secret
There is no secret to my smile. I am a very happy person in general and that happiness reflects on my face all the time. I have lived that way all my life. My face is a reflection of my heart and feelings. And I am a very expressive person. The positive attitude towards life, according to me, is the oomph factor in my smile.

Life saver
I was a mischievous kid. In my school, I would always get caught for either talking or creating some ruckus. In one such situation, my teacher caught me chatting with my other three friends. I looked up and flashed my pearlies at her. She was pleased, picked on the other three girls and punished them. I was saved! (laughs)

Free and fabulous
My smile has fetched me a special prize in an elocution competition. While I was giving a speech, I forgot it in the middle. I smiled at the judges and asked permission to start all over again and I did well this time. I was sure I wasn’t going to win anything since I had stopped in between but I got a special prize just for that confident smile. (smiles)

I smile because...
People in my life are important and are the reason why I smile. My kids especially, they are so innocent and cute that even looking at them makes me smile. They crack the most innocent jokes and make sure I smile when I am around them. Apart from that, I love Madhubala’s smile. She was a woman with a magical smile. Even today no one can match her.  

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