Maharashtra govt restructures second round of competency test

After coping a lot of flak during the first round of competency tests, the Maharashtra government’s education department has restructured round two to be conducted in April. Now, instead of a long 15-day testing window, schools will be given only two days to conduct two tests.

The question paper will be emailed to the school to conduct the examination on the given two days.

The Maharashtra government’s education department has started competency tests from this academic year in which the understanding level of children from class I to VIII is evaluated. The initiative was launched by state government after how no-failure policy under the Right To Education (RTE) Act receiving a lot of criticism from educationists as it was misinterpreted as no-examination by schools because of which education standards were going down.

Maharashtra State Council for Education Research and Training (MSCERT) that is looking after the implementation of competency test project has declared the dates for the second round of this test. Two papers will be conducted on April 5 and 6. All schools including state and non-state board will have to conduct these tests.

Talking about changes brought to the test pattern, MSCERT Director Govind Nandede, said, “Long testing window-period was given to school to conduct first round of competency test so that it will be convenient. However, that led to confusion and some students were left out of it. so this year we are giving just two days for two papers.”

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